Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is BrowCap?
A: BrowCap is a shower cap for your brows. Designed to give you the luxury to feel confident and protected while washing your face and hair.

Q: When do I use BrowCap?
A: BrowCap should be used when washing your face and/or hair in the sink or shower.

Q: Can I let water from the shower spray directly onto my brows with BrowCap on?
A: We recommend avoiding direct shower spray as this could cause condensation/moisture to collect on brows.

Q: What do I do if moisture does collect on my brows?
A: Lightly dab dry with a clean towel.

Q: Will BrowCap protect my brows while swimming?
A: BrowCap was not designed to protect brows from complete submersion while swimming.

Q: How many patches come in a box?
A: There are 20 patches total. 10 for your left brow, 10 for your right. This provides you with a 10-day supply so that you’re protected during the whole healing process.

Q: Does BrowCap replace my Artist’s current after-care routine they recommended for me?
A: No. BrowCap is intended to be used alongside your current after-care routine, as another step in your process.

Q: Is BrowCap safe to use?
A: The adhesive formula for BrowCap is complete FDA approved. The ingredients are printed clearly on the BrowCap box. We recommend reading carefully over the ingredients for any potential allergies.

Q: Can I sell BrowCap in my store as an artist?
A: Yes, definitely! On our website, we have special pricing for Artists ordering mass quantities of BrowCap boxes.